Author: Alison

Main Course

Chilli Con Carne

We’d not had a chilli in weeks because there had been no sweet peppers coming in the veg box. I usually use a green and red pepper and a tin of kidney beans, but the recipe worked just as well with less peppers and adding cannellini beans. I typically serve chilli with rice, but on this occasion, chose salted greens cooked in garlic and butter with olive oil roasted potato wedges for a grain-free option as we had quite a lot of spring greens in our veg box this week.

Main Course

Ribollita with Lemon and Parsley Dressing

In my stash in the cupboard, I had some dried cannellini beans. I soaked some overnight and cooked them and wondered what to do with them. I looked through some of my recipe books and settled on trying a Ribollita recipe from “The Art of Eating Well” by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley”. Unusually, I had most of the ingredients for this spicy, traditional Italian peasant dish served with bread or potatoes. It went down well, was easy to make and could easily be adapted for different vegetables or herbs.


Rhubarb & Apple Crumble with Ice Cream

We harvested rhubarb from the veg patch, but didn’t quite have enough to make dessert so we added apples. Using a gluten free crumble recipe Jamie Oliver did on TV years ago, we made crumble topping. We also had a big carton of double cream, so made about a litre of home made ice cream to go with it, using a recipe from “The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children”. The ice cream recipe said to use within a week of freezing, but it was too delicious to last that long: within a couple of days I had to defrost some frozen blackberries and make another yummy crumble to finish it off!

Main Course

Beef Ragu

I often make spaghetti bolognaise style sauce using a recipe I’ve adapted from one in the book “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon. However, I didn’t have the usual vegetable combination to hand: I was missing a green pepper but had some chard and wild garlic so I improvised a bit. The resulting meal was tasty and comforting with a serving of spelt spaghetti.

Main Course

Chorizo Paella

Curly kale! We all hate it! My heart sank when I saw it in my veg box. I went to my favourite foodie groups on Facebook for tasty ideas and found we are not alone. Its not a very popular vegetable. Suggestions of roasting for 10 minutes with olive oil and salt and pepper or putting in smoothie came as I expected. There were a couple of interesting recipes came up for which I had so few of the ingredients I couldn’t even try, so I was left with hiding it in meals. Chorizo paella is something I often make as a brunch or lunch, but uses a red pepper and frozen peas which I didn’t have, so I substituted a Romano pepper and curly kale. It was well received- the strong flavours in the paella hid the curly kale well, and the vivid green made the dish look delicious too.

Side Dish


I always thought mayonnaise was a bit of a faff, til I found something like this recipe on the Internet many moons ago. It’s really quick and easy to make with no fuss or mess and it gets you delicious, healthy mayonnaise at fraction of the cost in the shops. You can flavour it with spices or garlic too, but always remember to use light olive oil – the taste of any other sort is just way too strong and overpowering.

Main Course

Meat and Potato Pie

There always seems that bit too much meat on our beef joints, but what’s left isn’t quite enough to stretch to a full roast dinner. A popular way to use up our leftovers is meat and potato pie. I usually serve with gravy made with broth and a stock cube and veggies, but today it was far too Sunday a day for a pie. Instead, I made the pie earlier in the afternoon and let it cool and served with a big bowl of salad.

Main Course

Spinach, Potato and Leek Curry

With a big bag of baby spinach and several leeks left with only two dinners left to veg box day, I decided to make them disappear in a yummy curry. Having made paella earlier in the day, we didn’t fancy rice, and with so many potatoes in the dish, I wondered if it might be carb overload! With that in mind we just had a large bowl of curry served with homemade mint yogurt.


Wild Garlic and Cheese Scones

When I got a bag of wild garlic in my veg box, I really didn’t know what to do with it. I was delighted, then when a friend shared a recipe on Facebook that he’d tried that afternoon for wild garlic and cheese scones. It was a National Trust recipe (, and used ingredients I wouldn’t use like margarine and wheat flour. So I adapted to use butter and white spelt flour instead. These were delicious. The recipe I worked from suggested that it would make 25 scones, but we got 3 dozen out of the ingredients. So next time, I will be inclined to halve the quantities. They were delicious with butter and a lump of cheese as a tasty light lunch.