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Side Dish


I always thought mayonnaise was a bit of a faff, til I found something like this recipe on the Internet many moons ago. It’s really quick and easy to make with no fuss or mess and it gets you delicious, healthy mayonnaise at fraction of the cost in the shops. You can flavour it with spices or garlic too, but always remember to use light olive oil – the taste of any other sort is just way too strong and overpowering.

Side Dish

Pancetta and lemon fried broccoli

With a couple of days left until veg box day, I’m running a bit low, but had a small tub of purple sprouting broccoli and we needed a side dish to go with steak. As someone who enjoys broccoli, I often find purple sprouted broccoli can be a bit bitter, but I wondered if pancetta might improve the flavour a bit. I did a quick search and found several recipes based on broccoli, pancetta and lemon juice, and decided to have a go experimenting with those flavours. The result was delicious and everyone enjoyed it: I served it from a bowl on the table, and everyone came back for seconds. Apparently it was lovely, “didn’t taste like broccoli” and I’ve to make it again. Hope you enjoy it too!