“Sad Cake”

“Sad Cake”

When I made quiche, I had too much pastry for one quiche, but nowhere enough for two. Chris suggested I make “Sad Cake”, which is something he used to make when he visited his Grandma as a little boy.

Everyone loved it here, so it was more “Happy Cake” than “Sad Cake”. I might also experiment with different fillings.


  • Leftover pastry

  • Dried fruit such as sultanas

  • Sugar

  • Splash of milk


  • Take your left over pastry out of the fridge and manipulate it into a bowl shape. If you imagine a bowl that a child might make out of plasticine, you’ve got it right. Half fill it with dried fruit such as sultanas or currants and a pinch of sugar, then push the sides in to the middle to cover the filling. Roll out the pastry and fruit until you can just see the fruit. Prick with a fork, milk wash it and bake until golden brown. Serve warm or cold with a thick layer of butter.