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Telemarketing and telesales...

There are many definitions of telemarketing and telesales. At Better for Everyone, we describe it as the use of the telephone by skilled, experienced and empowered staff to build relationships with former, current or potential customers for long term, sustainable business development.

Specific activities that this definition covers include appointment making and lead generation; making sales directly or managing key accounts to stimulate and encourage increased sales; market research or even customer service or retention.

Of course, this work could be both inbound (where the customer calls in to the company), outbound (where the customer is called by the company), or a combination of the two.

Unfortunately, the words “telemarketing” and “telesales” don’t have a good reputation – we’ve all experienced poor customer service from inbound call centres or aggressive outbound sales people pushing for an appointment or a sale.

That’s because the role of managers of most telemarketing or telesales is to police the work that staff do – ensuring they achieve their set (numerical) targets and conform to procedures & scripts. As a customer, we all know this is wrong and it doesn’t work, so that’s why we do things differently at the Better for Everyone call centre.

At Better for Everyone, we promote collaboration between our staff so they can share ideas and learn from each other and improve continuously the work they do for our clients. And we always ensure our staff represent us and our clients’ products or services honestly and truthfully. We don’t follow scripts, we engage people in a dialogue, listening and responding to what they say. Similarly, we don’t pressure customers into giving the responses we want: we tell the truth, giving customers the information they want to make informed decisions.

At the end of the day, people are the bedrock of a business and a skilled, empowered and trusted workforce produces better results, excellent customer service and are able to build sustainable relationships based on trust to give our clients long term success. It’s not magic, just common sense!

Our clients agree that our approach works, and are often more than happy to recommend us. To see case studies and testimonials, click here



1 FebBetter for Everyone appointed to undertake annual review of Bradford Council’s Links2 project for 4th consecutive year

8 FebScottish business support provider Falkirk for Business selects Better for Everyone for data cleanse campaign

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