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Lead generation and appointment making…

Often companies, typically those that sell to other businesses, need to see potential customers face to face in order to sell their products or services. The cost per contact of personal selling can be very high and so companies need to find alternative ways of engaging potential customers and maximising the amount of time their sales teams spend with potential customers.

Before a sales executive can get in front of a potential customer, a lot of work needs to be done in terms of prospecting customers, qualifying prospects and starting to build relationships. These activities involve lots of time, for example calling potential customers, identifying and eventually speaking to the decision maker, introducing the company and its products and services and finally persuading the decision maker to invest their precious time in an appointment (and, of course, at the same time filtering out the companies that have no need for or interest in the products or services offered!). If the sales executive is generating their own leads and making their own appointments, the company needs to consider whether this is the best use of their (often expensive) time.

That’s where using a lead generation or appointment making service comes in. A good call centre can do all the hard work, freeing up your sales force to do what they’re best at – selling your products and services face to face.

Unfortunately, you need to be careful which company you hire - we’ve all experienced aggressive outbound sales people pushing for an appointment or a sale! And many companies that have used lead generation or appointment making services have found themselves turning up to poor quality appointments, wasting both time and money! That’s because in most call centres, staff are given target numbers of appointment to make each day. If people are set an unrealistic target, they may only be able to achieve it by “cheating” (e.g. booking bogus appointments, lying to or pressurising people into taking appointments and so on).

As a customer, we all know this is wrong and it doesn’t work, so that’s why we do things differently at the Better for Everyone call centre. Click here to find out more.



1 FebBetter for Everyone appointed to undertake annual review of Bradford Council’s Links2 project for 4th consecutive year

8 FebScottish business support provider Falkirk for Business selects Better for Everyone for data cleanse campaign

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