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Data cleansing

Data cleansing is an important activity in any business. It involves the act of detecting and removing and/or correcting data that is, for example, wrong, inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, or incorrectly formatted.

Data cleansing is very important to any business. For example, if any of the details in your customer database are wrong, your employees can’t easily contact them or send marketing messages to them. In a business to business environment, data is always changing, for example, people move roles, responsibilities change and companies are bought and sold. As such, it’s important to regularly review and clean up your databases to make sure the information you need is up to date and accurate.

At Better for Everyone, we manually clean up your databases. We’ll call your customers and check and update or amend as necessary all their contact details. And while we’re on the phone, we can also capture other information you might find useful.

For example, we can identify alternative contacts within the company, capture additional contact information you don’t already have, ask their opinions of your service or their future purchase plans – we’ll even try and identify potential leads for you! On a recent project, we cleaned up a database, and whilst doing this we were able to find out customer satisfaction levels and identified a number of immediate leads for the client to follow up.

So instead of just getting a cleaned up database, we’ll also send you useful market information we’ve been able to capture and any new business opportunities we’ve uncovered too!



1 FebBetter for Everyone appointed to undertake annual review of Bradford Council’s Links2 project for 4th consecutive year

8 FebScottish business support provider Falkirk for Business selects Better for Everyone for data cleanse campaign

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