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Our clients…

We have clients both large and small and from sectors as diverse as educational supplies, regeneration, financial services, local authorities and charities.

Our clients agree that our approach works, and are often more than happy to recommend us.

Case studies

Findel plc

We were given a three month project to generate new business and activate lapsed customers: the hardest group of customers to try and generate sales from.

Our approach proved effective, and we generated orders from day one. Through developing effective relationships with the client, we were able to work together in partnership to develop further income generating campaigns beyond the scope of the original brief. Moreover, we have developed a close working relationship with the client’s in-house customer service team to deliver seamless and excellent customer service.

By being flexible in our approach to reflect the client’s diverse customers (including schools, nurseries, care homes, public sector organisations), we were able to build strong relationships. This resulted in increased revenue, as well as excellent feedback from customers in relation to the service they have received from the better for everyone team. In fact, our records show we generated over £4.3 million of sales, and our daily rate fee was around 6½ % of this!

We also worked with the client to prevent duplicate keying of orders, by accessing their mainframe directly to input orders.

The client was so impressed with the success of the project, that they continued the contract as part of the delivery of their sales strategy for a further financial year.

“I would be the first to admit that I didn’t think this trial project would work given my previous experience of telesales activity within the organisation, both from in-house task forces and external agencies.

I gave Alison and her team the hardest possible client data set to work with to really test their ability.

I was however amazed at the phenomenal success that Better for Everyone has had and the additional business that they have generated for GLS and AtoZ Supplies (Findel Regional Supplies). I am now looking forward to even greater sales generation as we enter our next phase of our relationship with Better for Everyone.

The close working relationship that Better for Everyone has fostered and their rapid understanding and implementation of our business ethics has meant that I can simply forward client lists and basic briefings and Alison and her team polish the content and get on with bringing in new business for me”

- Karen Payne, Head of Regional Sales, Findel Education

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Scriptus Ltd

Scriptus is a team of experienced signage makers with the expertise to handle every signage requirement. They design, manufacture and install signs, turning any concept into reality. Having realised that further sales and marketing activity was required to move the company forward, they decided telemarketing would be worthy of consideration as part of this process.

Michael did this with some trepidation as his last experience with a telemarketing company was a total disappointment, having produced no measurable results.

Working with Better for Everyone has proved to be a completely different experience. Having visited our offices, Michael told us he was impressed by the ‘friendly yet professional atmosphere’ and particularly by the genuine interest and enthusiasm for what he does. From day one, the team set about the task of setting up appointments for Scriptus with designers and architects which yielded immediate results.

It was clear that the team’s manner of engaging their target audience in conversation, rather than reading from a prepared script, really works. The people Michael visits are convinced that the first phone call came from one of his own work colleagues, which is the way it should be.

The client is so impressed with the success of the project that they have extended the contract and added new data for more areas across the UK.

"I now regard the Better for Everyone team as an extension of my own sales activities and, indeed, my own sales team. I am sure that they will help me move Scriptus forward to even better things.’

‘I am delighted to thoroughly recommend Better for Everyone to any business which wants to make things happen in these difficult times."

- Michael Jackson, Managing Director, Scriptus Ltd

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Chamber of Commerce East Lancashire

The Chamber of Commerce East Lancashire needed help engaging businesses as part of a regeneration initiative they’re delivering in Liverpool (SLEGI).

Better for Everyone was pleased to accept the work as it helped the community which fits with our company values. Project targets included cleansing information, booking appointments and giving contacts a better understanding of the SLEGI projects.

Once Outlook calendars had been connected and the team had been briefed, work started immediately. Our configurable call management system was tailored to meet the needs of the client and our flexible approach allowed the client to amend and change where necessary.

The project required an extremely confident telephone manner, as one of the main objections included the contacts uncertainty of partnering with the council. These objections were overcome due to the strong collaboration of the team at Better for Everyone with the client, where the sharing of ideas and honesty is continuing to help to improve the service provided to the general public.

This project needed intelligence and integrity to succeed, it wasn’t a simple case of making appointments, engaging in dialogue was a key point which we played upon. It took excellent persuasion and customer service skills to gain contact’s time, attention and trust.

Our fresh approach to measuring and monitoring each and every project has in this instance prompted Martin Toomey, Commercial Manager, to extend the contract to 2010. Moreover, the Chamber is now partnering with Better for Everyone on more new projects.

"The Chamber was looking for a partner with similar ethics and values as it’s own, would also understood the key driver’s of LEGI projects to engage with the businesses and people in these deprived wards of Liverpool. Alison and her team have demonstrated a very clear understanding of what is needed to help the project to be as successful as it has been to date.

The team at Better for Everyone have shown exemplar service both to the Chamber and the businesses contacted through the project. I have no doubt that Alison’s leadership, drive and commitment to her colleagues shows through the service given by everyone in her company.

It is easy to have a mission statement of inclusion and integrity but Better for Everyone not only live and breathe it, it actually runs through the core of the business and translates into every aspect of their work. Alison has shown great qualities needed to realise these goals which will see them go from strength to strength.”

- Martin Toomey MCIPS Commercial Manager, Chamber of East Lancashire

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1 FebBetter for Everyone appointed to undertake annual review of Bradford Council’s Links2 project for 4th consecutive year

8 FebScottish business support provider Falkirk for Business selects Better for Everyone for data cleanse campaign

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